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Your headshot should be the best representation of you, meaning the photo should represent you on your best day!  After working as a commercial print agent for more than a decade, working closely with casting agents on a daily basis, I understand what will work for you in a headshot.

When casting directors call in actors based on their headshot they expect the person in the photo to walk through the door, otherwise, you are just wasting everyone's time. Glamour shots and overly re-touched photos do not work in the entertainment industry. Honest photos that capture your true personality is what agents and casting directors look for in a photo. That’s why it’s very important to me that I like to create a very relaxed environment for your photo shoot so we allow for your true personality to unfold. That is when we will get the best shot!

Make sure to get plenty of beauty sleep the night before your session. If you are not rested it will show in your photos. We want your images to have life and energy!


You should expect your session to be about 1.5 hours or 3 hours if you are doing hair and make-up.


Your wardrobe should be simple. Avoid wearing items that are too trendy that you might not like in 6 months; you want all the focus to be on YOU, not your clothes. Simple necklines and bold colors work best, and avoid wearing any patterns (what kind of patterns?) or clothes with lettering on it.

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